Tuesday, May 24, 2011

White Paper for Strengthening National Gender Machinery in Malawi on May 26, 2011

Date:Thursday 26th May 2011
Venue:Capital Hotel, Lilongwe

Minister of Gender, Children and Community Development Honourable Teresa Gloria Mwale and UNDP Resident Representative Mr. Richard Dictus will make remarks during the opening.

The White Paper tried to analyze the key players of the Malawi National Gender Machinery. Adoption and implementation of the White Paper strategies and actions would help to strengthen the National Gender Machinery in Malawi and refocus the development programs of Malawi to address gender inequalities. The White Paper provides the building blocks for the process of a constructive debate and the foundation for an effective structure for promoting and empowering men, women and youth, to participate equally and effectively in Malawi’s development initiatives

Malawi is on track on five out of eight MDGs, it is notable that the three MDGs where expectations are not being met have pronounced gender association, a phenomenon also noted by the UN Country Assessment conducted in 2010. The gender related MDGs where expectations are not being met are MDG 2 Achieve universal primary education, MDG 3 Promote Gender Equality and Empowerment and MDG 5 Improve Maternal Health.

President Bingu wa Mutharika said during the opening of the Budget Session of Parliament on Monday this week his government would make sure that the country does not slip off on the MDG goals it is cock-sure to attain.

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