Wednesday, May 11, 2011

President Bingu wa Mutharika Fails to Open the Mzuzu Auction Floors

President Bingu wa Mutharika is yet to open the Mzuzu Auction Floors in the Northern Malawi District of Mzuzu, even though he was 'technically' present during the floors' supposed official opening on Monday.
Among other things, President Mutharika criticised both tobacco farmers and sellers, describing their behaviour as "foolish".
But the President failed- apparently forgot- to officially open the Mzuzu Auction Floors.
How is this possible when Mutharika was physically there, at the Auction Floors, with First Lady Callista Mutharika.
How is it possible for Mutharika, who toured the Auction Floors, and touched some tobacco leaves, fail to have officially opened the floors?
In fact, how is it possible when the President greeted people, and thanked women and Democratic Progressive Party Youth by "Tawonga chomene" whenever they interrupted his speech with songs?
Yes, Mutharika even closed the meeting by blessing the mammoth crowd and Malawi. Yes, the function was officially opened through prayer by an Assemblies of God pastor, and closed by the National Anthem: how come Mutharika failed to open the Mzuzu Auction Floors?
The answer is simple: He failed- or, rather, forgot- to say the words "I declare the Mzuzu Auction Floors officially open".
It is the first time a Malawi leader has failed to officially launch or open the Auction floors.

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