Friday, May 6, 2011

Joyce Banda: No Looking Back

Joyce Banda, so quiet and obscure in days that are past, tells Zachimalawi her sacking from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) late last year has helped her become focused and resilient.
Banda launched her yet-to-be registered People's Party's offices in the Southern region last week, vowing to bring change and real democracy.
"I am not looking back. Malawi needs change, we want change; but change does not come voluntarily, you initiate it," Banda told Zachimalawi Friday morning.
She is a woman on the move- not to be stopped by "government-initiated" delays to register "our party", one-party like frustration tactics, and the threat of violence.
"We will souldier on<" she says.
However, Banda's fall may be the people she has personally hand-picked to key positions. The likes of retired-from-retirement Brown Mpinganjira, well known for his defunct National Democratic Alliance (NDA).
Peter Kaleso is also there.

(N.B. I am sorry, I have just received a call that my landlord has passed on: I have to leave now. Hope I will continue this some day. Apologies for stop here, in mid air)

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