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HIV and AIDS: An Effective Natural Free Therapy For Africa

BY Andrew K Fletcher

In 1994, I made a very important discovery in circulation, which has
shown beyond any shadow of a doubt that the human body requires the
correct influence from gravity in order to maintain optimum
circulation of bodily fluids! I have been working with people
suffering from a whole range of illnesses since 1994. And have
observed and documented many incredible recoveries and improvements in
conditions ranging from oedema to spinal cord injuries. My work is all
freely available on the Internet. Use my name and Gravity as a search
term, in a search engine. For Example: Healthy Astronauts develop
rapid ageing, muscular and bone degeneration, immune deficiencies,
neurological and visual problems when they are in space and begin to
recover when they come back to Earth!
During several studies, involving many people, it became apparent that
the immune system appears to respond significantly from inclined bed
therapy. Many people appear to fight off influenza, while others
around them develop the condition. Body temperature is maintained and
improved while sleeping on an incline. Respiration, Renal function,
heart performance also appear to benefit! I Firmly Believe that no
person suffering from an illness should be placed on a flat bed!
It is my intention to bring the benefits of my work and discovery in
circulation to the people of Africa. I have tried to reach people who
have AIDS and other infectious illnesses on BBC World Service Radio.
If You are involved with Health Care and would like to test the
effectiveness of this simple intervention. I would very much like to
hear from you with regards to setting up a controlled study to
determine the effects of this powerful free therapy for people with
Adapt your own bed To sleep as nature intended us to, and as The
Ancient Egyptians did! A bed is raised placing the head end on a
minimum of two 20cm or 8 inch blocks. Hooking the casters or legs over
the blocks helps to stabilise the bed. If your bed is the type that
joins in the centre you will need to support the join with two 3inch
or 7.5 cm blocks. The casters at the foot end of the bed should be
removed to give the correct slope and added stability. Check the
height by measuring from the floor to the top of the mattress. If your
bed is longer than a standard bed then you must adjust the height of
the blocks accordingly.
A wooden wedge placed under the mattress, or even folded blankets will
do the job, but be sure to recheck the angle as the blankets often
compress and more should be added to make up the difference. Be
patient and expect a little discomfort while gravity adjusts your body
to the new posture. You may feel some discomfort in the spine and
neck, this appears to be a threshold which has to be passed and is
probably due to us developing a more upright posture. If you would
like to help me in my ongoing research, or would simply like to
monitor your own progress, see the (enclosed) diary entry form to
record any changes in your health,

20cm (8ins) block-- 10cm (4ins) block----- Castors off bottom

The Importance of Gravity to our Health and Wellbeing, and its
Relation to Rest & Sleep.
The most powerful and least understood force known to man is gravity.
A force, that cements all planets to an invisible grid. A force which,
here on earth, raised mountains, carved out valleys, hurls molten rock
into the air and drives the world's weather and ocean currents. In
fact, the very force that shapes everything we are or will ever see.
From the time we stand up to take our first steps as children, we
sense our correct posture and align ourselves for optimum performance.
By standing on our own two feet, we are not struggling to overcome
gravity as is currently accepted. In fact we stood up as a species in
order to harness and bathe in the earth’s gravitational force. Once
this simple and hitherto overlooked concept is accepted, it becomes
enlightening to understand how we, the most intelligent of all the
species here on earth stand warm blooded and vertical, as opposed to
cold blooded reptiles which do not! Yet, in our wisdom we have chosen
to ignore the very force that powers all our vital functions when we
sleep. We have poured countless £ billions into research and yet
answers to debilitating medical conditions which cause untold
suffering and premature deaths continue to remain life's unsolved
mysteries. Children continue to slip quietly away before they have
managed to take a single step. The average life expectancy has
remained relatively the same: Three score years and ten or seventy
years. Why has this figure failed to change significantly along with
the advances in science and medicine? What common denominator does
each and every one of us share as we sleep safely tucked up in bed?
Ever since the human race began, people have striven to make life more
comfortable and nowhere is this more apparent than in the sleeping
quarters of people around the world. Yet, in our endeavours for
comfort we have never questioned the angle at which we lay down to
sleep? Until now! The rhythms of nature, like the ocean tides, are
irrefutably linked to the influences of the Sun, Moon and Earth’s
gravitational force. It is no coincidence that animals and plants'
synchronies the birth of their offspring. Yet, each of us chooses to
ignore the power of gravity every night as we lay in our flat bed.
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