Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kalibu Academy is the best place to be

There is something special about Kalibu Academy in Blantyre. And this special feeling becomes more apparent- even more commanding- as one goes towards Chileka International Airport in Blantyre.
That moment when, coming from Kameza Round-about, one notices that big sign along the road: Kalibu Academy- the spirit of excelence reaching the heavens!
Located at a quiet locale, where nature rules, the feeling is that one has reached the place where order and tranquility rules. Where else, if the question arises, does the spirit bubble up more convincingly- the spirit that induces the best feelings in us, even feelings to learn more of the world around, and the world to be discovered- than close to nature?
Nature is life, and in nature, that is where life begun- only to be spoilt by human beings. Kalibu Academy is restoring that, through the never ending quest for educaion.
Quality education for your son and daughter. If your son and daughter be loved by you, then, there is no better place to show that love through commitment: Kalibu Academy.
Kalibu is, probably, the best place to be in Blantyre. Where children learn, and grow into responsible citizens.
When you go to Kalibu Academy, every student will greet you: If it's morning, Good morning Sir; Good morning madam!
In the afternoon, the greeting reflects the fading sun. Good afternoon sir; good afternoon madam.
And that is learning. The spirit of Kalibu Academy.
The food is just superb. The learning facilities out of this world.
Kalibu academy for you, and the ones you love.


Martin Mphande said...

Indeed Kalibu is probably the best place to be. Kalibu teaches students to be very responsible and respectful students, most students coming from other schools and have the worst behaviour you could ever imagine are completley adjusted from bad to the better. Try Kalibu and you will never regret.

Anonymous said...

Tell me about religion at Kalibu. Is there religious liberty? Are pupils allowed to subscribe and practice the faith they want?

Anonymous said...

i agree thet it is the best place to be. having to live the school broke my heart but i want every one in the school to know that i will always be part of kalibu. yours truly mayamiko alfred goliati

Tafadzwa Chunda said...

Kalibu is truly a great place that teaches many lessons in a persons life and I am proud to have been a part if that school.I would recommend all parents to send their kids there
Tafadzwa chunda

sanath said...

Hello Sir,

I am from India. i need to know more about Kalibu academy.The teachers ,timings of the school ,Accommodation with Food. Can u please give me the reply immediately.