Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Malawi Cricket: Latest News from the Malawi Cricket Union (MCU)

Dear Fellow cricketer,
The new season is upon us. I am sure you are all planning teams, fixtures and training sessions to prepare you for the months ahead. I wish you all well and that you have an enjoyable season.
This letter is to update you with what is happening with cricket in Malawi at this time.
At the MCU AGM held at Blantyre sports centre a new committee was elected to lead cricket in Malawi. I would like, on your behalf, to thank Mr Riz Omar and his team for the work that they have done over the previous years to keep Malawi on the map and to ensure that cricket continues to be played.
The new committee is comprised of the following members:
Members Skills
Dave Thompson Deputy Head teacher,
St Andrew’s International High School,
Brereton Drive, Private Bag 211,
Blantyre, Malawi. Not finance, but yes to administration, delegation,
Meeting deadlines, public speaking, cricket coaching.
Junior Development.
Vivek Ganesan Bateman’s Administration, management skills, not finance,
coaching playing
Robin Tiffin CFAO Malawi Delegation, leadership, finance, umpiring, coaching
Bhavesh Dhanesha Mister Hardware, P.O.Box 119, Blantyre Administration, leadership, coaching, National level,
MCU well known, ACA – known ISC -
( Indian Sports Club) – B Division Mumbai Cricket
Jayendra Kher Agora Administration, player – SA coaching
Azeez Quereshi Past Chairman of MCU Administration, finance, cricket administration.
(Joined 04/04/2011
The Committee has been appointed for a period of 6 months leading up to an AGM on 6th October 2011 at a venue to be agreed. The role of the new committee is outlined below;
1. To review the MCU Constitution
2. To ensure the accounts from the previous year have been audited
3. To prepare a team to play in the T20 Div 2 tournament in Benoni South Africa.
4. To send delegates to the ICC Conference in Kenya with the required documentation.
5. To ensure that Malawi meets all the criteria for being an Affiliate member.
6. To draw up a development plan linked with the budget for this year.
7. To ensure that development according to the Affiliate criteria takes place.
8. To take feedback from the ICC ACA audit and put in place anything identified.
Work carried out so far.
A. So far, has the constitution has been drafted and will be sent out to all players for discussion in their clubs.
B. The audit has taken place and key areas for development have been identified.
C. It was decided to change the name of the organization to Cricket Malawi, update the headed paper and prepare for the website.
D. The National team has been selected following an open training camp held at St Andrew’s International High School in Blantyre. Players from Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre have been selected according to the Malawi selection criteria. (All players must be Malawian passport holders or PRP holders).
E. Two further camps have been identified for the 14 players, plus a fitness programme to ensure all players are able to play 3 games in 3 days. These are 9th /10th April and 30th April/1st May
F. Playing kit and equipment suitable for International tournaments has been purchased and will remain the property of the MCU.
G. 4 temporary contracts have been issued:
1. Administrative staff member at 10,000kw per month
2. Keeper of inventory and up keep of all equipment at 3,000kw per month
3. Personal fitness trainer to the national team at 6,000kw per session (5 sessions planned)
4. Accountant to the MCU at 17,000kw per month.
Immediate work to be carried out.
H. A development plan to be written and sent out for review.
I. Registration forms which have been designed to fit in with ICC/ACA requirements need to be distributed to all players and returned. (A copy is attached to this email). We need these so that we can contact all players, inform all players and collate information for ICC/ACA regarding numbers and experience. I would urge you to forward these forms to all your players and ask them to return them to Corra Nyirenda on who is the admin support for the MCU. This is also the email you should use if you have any queries about cricket development.
J. We are planning a website for MCU to include all the information about cricket in your area and details about all clubs. Please send this to Corra now. The site will also include MCU policies and the new constitution when it has been agreed.
K. An MCU handbook will support the website.
We want to engage and inform all players. Please pass on comments and information to us to go out in the next information letter. The more player emails we have the more people that will be informed.
MCU Committee.

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