Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dedza District Hospital and Pregnancy Scanning

My sister, Donarta, got pregnant some nine months ago.

She went to her nearest hospital, the government-run Dedza District Hospital in Central Malawi.

Hospital personel carried a scan on her, six times.

Every time, the scan showed that Donarta would deliver a baby-girl.

Six times, the scan and hospital personnel assured her, and us, that it would be a baby-girl.

"It's a baby-girl," she said in her second month of pregnancy.

Six times, Dedza District Hospital medical personnel carried a scan on her, which revealed it was a baby-girl.

Well, two days ago, Donarta delivered.

That was expected: that she would deliver one day.

But out of the expected came the unexpected. Can you guess what we have in our hands now?

A smiling baby-Boy!

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