Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Update on boNGO Activities in Malawi

Part of life at boNGO

There is a lot of news to tell you about what is happening at boNGO.
You can read all about it on our website

In short, boNGO increased its scope of work from pre-school education
(please watch a 6-minute promo film) to primary schools and is also
introducing an innovative HIV awareness program among the youths -
project Zione in schools (showing a film called Zione at schools
across Malawi)

The film Zione (trailer at
, boNGO made in a way that is attractive to the local youths and will
bring their attention towards the danger of HIV/AIDS and the
importance of protection (condoms).

It is work, work, and more work at boNGO- while the shed of Malawi's natural trees cools the world all-around

The film is interesting for the western audience too and in the Czech
Republic it is going to be shown at primary and secondary schools for
the students to better understand the HIV problem in Africa.

I personally feel that boNGO is going through a period of
transformation. Results of our programs in the Malawi communities have
shown a real improvement in the field of education and now time has
come to increase the impact. For boNGO to expand, it needs more
attention and resources.

We are looking for support especially in the form of:

a) Financial contributions

(e.g. $5 covers the monthly expenses for one child to go to one of the
Model Childcare Centers supported by boNGO; $1 enables one Malawian
student to watch film Zione - project Zione in schools; $230 covers
the expenses for painting a classroom with numbers, alphabet and
various pictures - project Happy Classrooms)

b) Volunteers anywhere in the world who would promote boNGO and
organize fundraising events

c) Volunteers who would translate our website into other languages
(Spanish, French, Russian etc.)

I personally decided (for several different reasons) to solicit
attention for boNGO through a unique activity: MUSIC!! It may sound
surprising, but I started to sing in Malawi! I sing in the local
language of Chichewa which gets the local audience both very surprised
and excited, perhaps also because I am the only white lady singer on
the Malawi scene. Please read an article in the Malawi newspapers.

boNGO: Serving the community

It is an interesting and daring plan, who knows where will it lead ...
At the moment I am working on my first album - songs of different
genres, all in the Malawi language Chichewa.

Thank you for your support and interest in boNGO.

On behalf of boNGO.

Tereza Mirovicova

Managing Director

boNGO Worldwide
Box 3110
Blantyre, Malawi, Africa
+265 888 014 575

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