Saturday, May 28, 2011

Amnesty International is 50!

Did you know that you are part of a global movement of people who have been defending and protecting human rights for 50 years?
Amnesty International is 50 and we want to invite you to celebrate this milestone with us by joining our 50th anniversary campaign!
In 1961 Peter Benenson, a British lawyer, was outraged by the imprisonment of two Portuguese students for raising a toast to freedom.
Benenson turned his outrage into action and published an article “The Forgotten Prisoners” in a national newspaper which created a public outcry. Reprinted in newspapers across the world, his call to action resonated with the values and aspirations of people everywhere. It was in this moment of activism that Amnesty International was born.
The International Executive Committee of Amnesty International receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo 10th December 1977. © Norsk Telegrambyra
Fifty years after Amnesty International's candle first shone a light on injustice and oppression, a global movement of human rights activists – made up of people like you and me - has grown into a powerful force for freedom and justice.
Now Amnesty International has more than 3 million supporters around the world who are united by a common understanding that our rights and freedoms are interconnected and our actions are critical to protecting and upholding these human rights globally.

Your commitment and action has brought justice and hope to countless individuals and communities around the world. As we enter our 50th year of human rights campaigning we remain committed to strengthening the global human rights movement – and we can’t do it without you!
We need your help to protect freedom of expression, abolish the death penalty, defend rights of women and girls, demand international justice, stop corporate abuse and end oppression and injustice.
Wondering how you can help us do it all? Visit now to learn more about the campaigns that are part of our 50th year and take action to defend and protect human rights!
In solidarity,

Salil Shetty
Secretary General, Amnesty International

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