Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fertiliser Subsidy To Remain at K500

This, probably, could be the good news coming out of President Bingu wa Mutharika's recent gaffes.
But people will still be wondering why, all of a sudden, Malawi wants to run on a Zero-deficit budget on recurrent expenditure.
What has gone wrong? It is part of Malawi's plans to isolate herself from the warmth of the world- which warmth has sustained us all this long?
All because of a man who briefly left Malawi during the Malawi Congress Party regime, only to emerge, register some positive strides in economics, agriculture, among other areas- only to ruin it all in the end?
If not, why did British High Commissioner to Malawi, Fergus Cochraine-Dyet go?
Why did Madame Flossie Gomile-Chidyaonga come home that fast?
So many questions; history will provide the answers when some of us are fast and gone.
But posterity will still be there to judge.

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