Friday, November 12, 2010

To 'Brother' Reynolds Mangisa; Blantyre C.C.A.P. Synod Moderator

Hi 'Brother' Reynolds Mangisa,
Firstly, I think you have a very strange, unMalawian first name: Reynolds? Did I hear you say 'Reynolds?'.
Secondly, you may be wondering about the origins of the term 'Brother', when you think that you are a pastor.
Pastor? I think the spirit has deserted you, Brother. I never thought you had nothing inside that big head of yours.
How can you comment on something that does not pertain to your garden, your car, your hair, nor your former Primary School? I mean, the Pastoral Letter issued by the Episcopal Conference of Malawi.
Why has it taken you so long, Brother Reynolds?
Before we get lost into the jungle you have created for yourself, which jungle makes you a confused-confusionist, back to the issue of evidence that you are a pastor. Are you registered by the Pastors' Council of Malawi, or Media Council of Malawi)
Or, if you are really an ordained man of God, where is the letter from the one you claim to serve- the one who lives in the on-high of your imagination?
By the way, are you Catholic, to comment on purely Catholic issues? The Catholic Church in Malawi issued the letter to all Parishes and out-stations; the letter was not issued to government or the Head of State, Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika. Nor was it issued to your personal estate, wife, relatives or the 10 acre farm you bought three years ago in Chimbiya, Dedza. It was to the Catholic faithful.
And this is not the first Pastoral Letter; it is a trend that begun at the dawn of multiparty democracy. Where were you at this time?
You were probably wearing brown shorts and jogging around Manase Township, sweat dancing down your sun-bit back.
And now you come, to shame yourself in public. And yet you 'say' you are a man of the one who lives on high.
Where is the letter of credence from him, addressed to you.
For all I know, a real pastor cannot think lower than a Sunday School girl of seven- years.
A seven year old girl would rather write her own Pastoral Letter!
And one you wrote not.
Your behaviour Brother is  a shame; the shame of our times. Actually, it is a sign of the times, times when false prophets shall abound.
Now, Brother Reynolds, just go and hand over your clerical coller, that long, black gown (what do you call that, brother?). Yes, handover that jacket you received from that big-berried member of the congregation, too, alongside the seven bags of maize you received from Mr. Samuel Saliwa Katola last week Thursday.
After that, start a government public relations company in Blantyre to defend the undefendable, expose the poor to injustice, and stone right-thinking members of the clergy who dare point out at government wrongs.
It will be better that way, Brother Reynolds.
May the Biblical light shine your darkened path; that you may feel, and see.
The sense of all things basic; and folly of all loyalty blind.

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