Friday, November 5, 2010

Long fertiliser coupon lines at Bvumbwe

This year's farm input programme has been marred by delays to distribute fertilisers to eligible beneficiaries, a development that has seen four people collapse at a Bvumbwe Milk Group subsidy outlet.
Zachimalawi visited two districts today morning- Thyolo and Mulanje. In all the districts, long lines could be seen starting from Bvumbwe, where communities are lining up at Chandamale Milk Bulking Group.At this outlet, four people fainted on the line today morning.
However, Zachimalawi can reveal that two people also collapsed between 10am and 11:20am- the time Zachimalawi spent at Chandamale.
In addition, some 17 Muslim women (with covered heads) failed to go to the mosque today (their holy day) because they were afraid of losing their place on the line.
One of the women, Puna Mahommed, said she has been trying to buy fertiliser since Monday this week but to no avail.
"Today, I am 73rd on the line; meaning, I have high chances of buying fertiliser. If I go to the mosque, I will lose my place," Mahommed said.
On the way to Mulanje, at least five input subsidies' outlets were also found to be congested. Men and women scrambled without regard to cultural norms, which dictate that members of the opposite sex maintain 'enough' space between them.

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