Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leading Malawi on the road to prosperity: President Bingu wa Mutharika

President Bingu wa Mutharika is the man in charge of Malawi, and in-charge he has been.
Mutharika has presided over Malawi in a period of great strides.
From his first tenure of office in 2004-2009, and now in his second term of office (2009-2014), Malawians have enjoyed relative security in terms of food availability, the economy has been pumping, and there is relative peace in the country.
This can be seen in the fact that, in 2009, Malawi was the second most peaceful country in Africa, after Botswana.
Mutharika has also brought the African Union chairmanship to Malawi.
Not only that, the President has embarked on a massive drive to rid Malawi of unnecessary import charges- a development that builds itself into high shelf prices for strategic products such as fertiliser and fuel- and this he plans to achieve through the much-touted Nsanje Inland Port.
His only challenge has been fuel availability.
The problem started late last year, when fuel pumps went dry for three months on end, and resurfaced three months ago, prompting the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority to ban the purchase of Petrol and Diesel in five-litre tins.
Many agree that Mutharika is a genius of a leader: strategic, and stubborn, if on issues of common good, should there be need.
Malawi is surely on the way to prosperity.

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