Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Malawi trailing Rwanda 1-0

It is now half-time at Kamuzu Stadium in Malawi's commercial city, Blantyre, where the Malawi's Flames are battling it out against Rwanda in a friendly encounter.
The common feature here on the eastern terraces, where I am sitting, a visible sadness that cannot leave fans' faces- reflective of the turn of events during the first 45 minutes of regulation time. Malawi are losing 1-0.
Coach Kinnah Phiri has been a busy man, standing up occassionally to pump sense into players who, at best, are misfiring in terms of both accurate passes and shots on goal. It is an old song for the Flames, who seem sick in the stomach in front of goal, while feeling comfortable to willingly give the ball away to their opponents.
The Flames simply need inspiration, and inspiration there is none, in the absense of captain Peter 'Mjojo' Mponda.
Rwanda, on the other hand, have played well. Most of their passes have been accurate, their attempts at goal worthwhile.
On, at least, four occassions they have given goalkeeper Swadyck Sanudi tough time.
With a disintegrated rear guard on the Malawi side, the second half is poised to be another stroll in the park for Rwanda.
From the eastern terraces of Kamuzu Stadium, it's bye for now.
Let the second half come.     

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