Monday, November 1, 2010

Go thee well Bob Khamisa

In Bob Khamisa no more,
A real giant is gone.

I remember vividly the time Khamisa held various Ministerial portfolios in the Bakili Muluzi administration. The minister could literally pick me, Pamella Mlogeni, Arkangel Tembo and Owings Chawanda in his official VX, take us places, and drop us home. Literally home.
In the car, he would talk about so many things. He is the one who told me why Deputy Sports Minister Billy Kaunda could not win another ticket to Parliament in Blantyre. He said Towners, with the exception of (Blantyre) rural Henry Phoya, could never enjoy the trust of the people twice.
Khamisa also told me, point blank, that nobody could defeat veteran politician John Tembo in Dedza South. Tembo is Malawi Congress Party and Khamisa was Democratic Progressive Party at the time.
He could see things as they were; and told no fibs.
Only that, with death, he could not see it clearly and hold it by the tail.
It happened to former President, Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda: He could smell enemies.
But, one day in September 1997, he couldn't see death coming.
Death is the robber of breath; taking on us when we least expect it.
That is why those living with HIV and AIDS are lucky. They can see death coming.
But, like us, they cannot hold it by the tail.
It is a symbol of the way of all the earth.
Rest in Peace Bob.
You gave us fair rides.

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