Thursday, November 4, 2010

127 year old man dies in Salima

Just as the people of Neno were today burrying the district's oldest man, well known as Batembo, bad luck has whipped Salima into misery.
Jonathan Baisoni, 127, died today morning at Kaphatenga Trading Centre. It is not clear whether Baisoni was the oldest man in the district as reports on senility are scanty in the district.
However, his death after a brief battle with Malaria came as a surprise to his son, Fred. He told Zachimalawi they will miss Baisoni.
"We never expected this; but, anyway, God gave him to us and today he has taken him away from us,"said Fred.
Burial takes place tomorrow in Nakondwa, some two Kms North of Salima boma.

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