Friday, November 5, 2010

Bravo the High Court of Malawi on Weekend Times

Zachimalawi wishes to express its gratitude to the High Court of Malawi for giving Blantyre Newspapers Limited, publishers of the Weekend Times, an injunction paving way for this, and subsequent, editions of the famous tabloid.
Following High Court judge, Justice Healey Potani's ruling, The Weekend Times is back on the streets, and is selling like hot cakes because of its mouth-watering headline stories.
We would never have known comedian, Bon Kalindo's, side of the story published last Friday, where a woman claimed the comedian, commonly known as Winiko, stole her cash.
Today, Winiko has come out brazing, revealing that the woman in question was forcing him to impregnate her- prompting people to wonder whether Winiko knows about the existence of condoms.
If a woman was 'forcing' the man to 'impregnate me', is there room for condoms? Your guess is as good as Zachimalawi's.
That is to say, without the court injunction- would Malawians have known that Winiko sometimes forgets about condoms and goes 'bare-footed'?
The High Court has shown Malawians yet again that justice is never decided in a board room.
Zachimalawi has always had high regard for our justice system. It has shown throughout the hour of our democratic dispensation that it is credible, independent, impartial and fair.
The Executive arm of government, likewise the legislature, will never sit on justice in this country, allowing for the moss of injustice to settle in.
The courts will always be there for justice, showing us the way- the way that has never been coloured by Yellow, Blue and a Cock.
Thanks the High Court.

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