Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blantyre Lodge management should 'wake' up on stand by generator

Blantyre Lodge is an imposing structure located opposite Blantyre Police.
Everything looks fine from the outside, as if things never go wrong at Blantyre Lodge.
That is the first problem: wrong impression.
So people pay at the reception, assured of quality service. Most seem to forget that buildings don't serve people; strategic thinking does.
For starters, Blantyre is a City that is, somehow, sick inside. Blantyre suffers from a disease of darkness called black outs. Other want to shine in misery, and christen it power outages.
So, Blantyre is a sick city, somehow- made sick by the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM).
But Blantyre Lodge is so blind to all these facts. The result is more shameful than disastrous. Blantyre Lodge has no stand-by generator!
Simply put, this is a manifestation of poor planning. In fact, it all boils down to poor thinking. Shortsightedness.
Imagine, one guy visited Malawi from Kenya last week, booked a room at Blantyre Lodge, hoping to watch the Champions League match between AC Milan and Real Madrid. As largely expected by all Blantyre residents but Blantyre Lodge management, there was a black out.
Because Blantyre Lodge has no stand by generator, many patrons endured the darkness. But this good visitor, a first time comer to Malawi, wanted to watch the game, and went all the way to Chez Mtemba International just to feed his eyes on the beautiful game.
He did not just watch, he bought drinks- the hard staff- and hired taxis (to and from).
Money went down the drain because it was unplanned expenditure.
All because of Blantyre Lodge.
Management of the facility should think twice about the generator, instead of shaming us in broad daylight and night.
It is a shame to expose patrons to the shame called black outs when the Lodge can do something about it.
It is the shame of our time.
It is the shame of Blantyre.
If you cannot afford one (generator), I cvan donate one to you.
You have two weeks to buy a generator, people.
Or else, I will buy your place.
I rest my case.

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