Wednesday, February 23, 2011

UDF Leader of the House, Ibrahim Matola, fails to finish housing project

United Democratic Front (UDF) Leader of the House (in Parliament), Ibrahim Matola, has become a laughing stock in his Mangochi North Constituency for failing to finish a three-bedroom house in seven years.
Villagers, who spoke to Zachimalawi today, said it was embarrasing that Matola is failing to complete small 'personal' projects, raising questions over his capability to cater for the needs of the whole constituency.
Zachimalawi will publish a full report of the story Monday, after completing a four-day tour of duty on Matola's accomplishments in Mangochi North.

Ibrahim Matola
 We will also post pictures of the uncompleted house, uncompleted bridges, dilapidated school blocks, among others.
Matola has recently criticised the Malawi Parliament for becoming the ruling Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) rubber stump.
He said MPs cannot deliver in an environment that leaves no room for positive criticism and exhaustive contributions.
Mangochi North MP, Ibrahim Matola

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