Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thank You Very Much Zodiak Broadcasting Station

Someone woke me up yesterday, around 09:30pm, saying he had seen a big screen at Nyambabwe Community Ground in Ndirande- Malawi's most populous township. He invited me to follow him at that late hour. I did.
When we arrived at Nyambadwe Ground, we realised he was right.
It was the guys from Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) with their big screen. Remember yesterday's match between AC Milan and Tot. Hotspur? There you are.
Courtesy of ZBS, we were able to watch that match; a somewhat ill-tempered match that thrilled and riled. It excited, too.
Today, that's where I will be (at Nyambadwe Ground), watching the game between Arsenal and Barcelona.
Thank you very much Zodiak. I am speaking on behalf of the people of Ndirande; those who were there (yesterday) and will be (today).
Big ups.

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