Thursday, February 3, 2011

On birth (robbed) day, today, I am just wanna thank the first couple for giving us rains this year

After all, don't they imply so during public rallies?
This argument is what Kamulepo Kalua gave me yesterday. And I replied that, no, this innocent couple does not say, nor imply, so: all they have done is put in place requisite policies like the farm input subsidy programme; manage the economy well; and let God do the rest (rains).
The result is that we have all been blessed.
And that we all bask in the glory of a hunger-free Malawi.
Whatelse do we need? Visit the private loos at Sanjika or New State House?
That's a joke, for sure, fromm our opposition leaders.
I rest my case; which is President Bingu wa Mutharika and Calista Mutharika's case as well.
They have tried their best. They are trying their best.

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