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Protecting, Preserving and Reclaiming the Malawi Environment


One Month learning experience visit to South Africa on turning climate change and environmental information to tools that communicates to the illiterate and local masses as well as turning community experiences and voices into advocacy materials

I.e. Use of videos, turning English material into vernacular languages, use of dramatization, songs, traditional dances, Toilet Climate Change Awareness Campaigns, Community Climate Change Hearings, etc National, the illiterate (about 70% of the Malawians who have no good access to environmental information) January 2011-February 2011 (One Month) Capacity gained in turning scientific climate change information into tools and materials that communicates to the majority of Malawians most of which are illiterate and can not read English materials, and also gained the ability to turn community experiences and voices into advocacy materials for policy and decision-makers so that we influence required action to address environmental degradation and climate change issues in Malawi MK1, 700, 000 (US$10625)

Community-Based Climate Change Monitoring Malawi Pilot Project Mangochi (South), Lilongwe (Centre) and Mzimba (North) districts 2011-2012 ( 2 years) The capacities within communities in Malawi built and able to monitor environmental degradation and detect climate change signs and symptoms with user-friendly and simple technologies and that will assist them to ably plan to adapt and mitigate to its effects without always requiring outside support, thereby reducing avoidable and manageable consequences of environmental degradation and climate change at community level.

MK20, 896, 800 (US$130605)

Eye on the Malawi Environment Climate Change Awareness and Advocacy Project Mangochi, Lilongwe, Dowa, Mzimba, Blantyre, Chiradzulu January 2011-December 2012 ( 2 years) Awareness and advocacy materials developed on climate change in Malawi that communicates powerfully to both rural masses and policy and decision-makers to influence positive action in the adaptation and mitigation of climate change in Malawi.

Awareness raised on what is climate change, its effects and impact, and what should be done to adapt and mitigate to its impact; Community Climate Change hearings facilitated where community experiences and voices are heard and developed into advocacy materials, and advocacy campaigns with policy and decision-makers conducted MK20, 420, 000 (US$127625)

Carbon and Climate Change Capacity Building Malawi Initiative National May 2011-December 2011 (6 months) Increased understanding and capacity within Malawi Environmental Watch in tackling terrestrial carbon emissions through AFOLU initiatives as one way of addressing climate change as well as improving food security and sustainable environmental management, and reducing environmental degradation in Malawi MK40, 440, 000 (US$252750)

Establishment of 10 District and 30 Community Environmental Watches and introduction of District and Community-Based Climate change Monitoring initiatives, Green Movement Project where trees will be raised and planted in millions, and implementation of AFOLU (conservation and ecoagriculture) initiatives as a method of mitigating climate change, and promoting food security, reducing deforestation and land degradation. Mangochi, Chiradzulu, Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzimba, Chikwawa, Dowa, Machinga, Kasungu and Mchinji

(at least 10 million trees planted through Green Movement by March 2012 through District and Community Environmental Watches) January 2011-December 2011 (0ne year) At least 10 District and 30 Community Environmental Watches established

at least 40 Environmental Watches trained in and able to use Community-based Climate Change Monitoring skills

at least 40 nurseries established, 10 million tree seedlings raised, and 10 million trees planted through the Green Movement in the ten target districts

conservation and ecoagriculture and AFOLU initiatives to address climate change implemented in at least 10 Traditional Authorities, at least one in each of the 10 target districts; and at least 50 million trees planted in Malawi through this initiative by 2013 national wide

MK50, 000, 000 (US$312500) and MK150, 000, 000 (US$937500) by 2013 through establishment of 30 District and 500 Community Environmental watches and its programmes countrywide

Celebrity Climate Change Awareness Project in which popular individuals will come together in the campaign to speak against behaviors that contribute to environmental degradation and climate change, encourage people to take necessary action to address the environmental degradation and climate change in Malawi (through radio and TV promos and panel discussions and holding of public community awareness campaigns) and also they participate in public mobilization events to plant at least 5 million trees annually and 25 million trees by 2015 National in collaboration with District and Community Environmental Watches, District Assemblies and Traditional/Community Leaders and organizations/companies at district and community level 2011-2015 At least 5 million trees planted annually in highly deforestated areas, and a total of at least 25 million trees planted through this initiative by 2015

Awareness raised national wide on what is climate change, its effects/impact and what should be done to address it

Improved public interest and participation in climate change issues due to the role played by the celebrities on radio, TV, and public tree planting mobilization campaigns MK10, 000, 000 (US$62500) annually and MK50, 000, 000 (US$312500) by 2015

Annual Eye on the Malawi Environmental Multi-stakeholder Conferences

Sharing of experiences and information and issues on the Malawi environment and climate change and coming up with recommendations for the way forward as a nation National December 2011-2015 Experience and information shared amongst stakeholders working in the environmental sector, challenges and gaps identified and recommendations and actions developed to address challenges and gaps in the environmental sector in Malawi MK10, 000, 000 (US$62500), and MK50, 000, 000 (US$312500) by 2015

International Day of Climate Change Malawi through Community Awareness Programmes where Community Environmental Watches teams in districts will paint themselves with Green and Red paint, whilst some put on T-shirts and carry banners going into households, market and public places including schools, hospitals to hold discussions on climate change and allow people to ask questions; and some members of Malawi Environmental Watch, Environmental Affairs Department with Celebrities in Malawi will hold a panel discussion on Climate change on Zodiac Broadcasting Station and Malawi Broadcasting Station to raise awareness on the impact of climate change and what needs to be done to mitigate its impact National (in one Traditional Authority in each district) October 2011 Awareness raised on climate change issues, interest generated for action through appeals for action by Celebrities, Community Environmental Watches and the officials from Environmental Affairs Department MK3, 000, 000 (US18750)

Lake Malawi National Park Environmental Watch climate change awareness and advocacy programme through Dzimwe radio sensitization drama, Toilet Climate Change awareness and establishment of Community-Based Climate Change Monitoring initiative T/A Nankumba, Mangochi district (Lake Malawi National Park) in partnership with Monkey-Bay Marine Services and Dzimwe Community Radio 2011 - 2012 Lake Malawi Environmental Watch established and trained in Community-based Climate Change Monitoring

Climate change knowledge and understanding increased among the communities due to awareness raised through Toilet Climate Change Initiative as well as through Climate Change radio sensitization drama MK5, 000, 000 (US$31250)

General Operations and Administrative Costs:

Salaries for 4 people for 12 months

Office rentals for 12 months

Office bills for 12 months

Fuel for 12 months

Stationery for 12 months

- 2011 Malawi Environmental Watch able to coordinate its activities and charge its duties effectively

MK12, 000, 00 (US$75000)

MK600000 (US$3750)

MK120, 000 (US$750)

MK1, 200, 000 (US$7500)

MK120, 000 (US$750)

Capacity building needs:

2 vehicles for mobility and coordination of activities

2 office desk & 2 Office executive chairs

2 laptops and one desktop computers

1 printer

1 photocopier

Material or financial support toward our eye on the environment project on video/digital cameras, bicycles, musical equipment, film projectors, generators, laptops, colour printers, development of dissemination materials, etc - 2011 Malawi Environmental Watch able to coordinate its activities and charge its duties effectively

Increased capacity of Malawi Environmental Watch to conduct eye on the Malawi Environment project initiatives for awareness and advocacy programmes

MK10, 000, 000 (US$62500)

MK200, 000 (US$1250)

MK750, 000 (US$4688)

MK50, 000 (US$313)

MK120, 000 (US$750)

MK3, 000, 000 (US$18750)

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