Thursday, February 10, 2011

Five litres of fuel hit K2000 mark in Lilongwe

Under fire: Energy Minister Grain Malunga

The problem of fuel has reached crisis levels in Lilongwe, and fuel (both petrol and diesel) is now selling at K400 per litre, forcing minibus drivers to part ways with K2000 for five litres of the commodity.
President Bingu wa Mutharika: His government failing Malawians on fuel
This has pushed the minibus fares on such convervative routes as Chigwirizano, Chimsapo and Likuni, among others. These are areas known for their rigidity to change, a development that has meant commuter charges remain off line as other Lilongwe townships have become well-used to coughing K100 no matter where they are dropped.
Now the price has even increased that some townships are paying betwen K110 and K120 for one trip- while in Chigwirizano, people still pay K50,  a fare that has slightly increased to K70, now that fuel prices have been adjusted.
Malawi is grappling with the problem of fuel supply, making life difficult for those who depend on the road for survival, commuters, and goods transporters, among others.
It is not clear whether courier services will also follow suit, and up service delivery costs.

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