Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Apologies to readers who comment on Zachimalawi's articles

Richard Chirombo: Sorry for not responding to your enquiries, questions, queries. This will not happen this time around
First of all, let me thank you for taking interest in Zachimalawi. Thank you very much everybody who has taken their time to comment on issues.

However, I would love to apologise to all the people who sent comments, or wanted responses and they were not attended to.

Fact is, it was not deliberate. I am sorry that the only people I responded to were those who e-mailed me through mtolankhani@gmail.com , and none of those who comment through my commentary section.

I am so sorry.

The reason is: It is only today, February 1, 2011, that I have taken the time to visit the Comments Section. Actually, I never knew it existed here on Zachimalawi.

And I am stunned with all your responses. And ashamed for having not responded to you, good people.

That will never happen again.

I will check the Comments Section everytime I am here. That I will do.

What feedback I have got over the years; and I am just getting to know this just now.

For all those who wanted information on Agriculture, and never got answers; for the good people who were selling pieces of land and never got feedback from me; for the people who wanted to know more about Malawi's tourism sites and never got my responses; and to all whose expectations were never met, I say: I am so sorry.

This will never happen again. I will be responding to you.

I will be your eye.

However, those who contacted me for information through mtolankhani@gmail.com can agree with me that they were attanded to.

I was able to escort people from Kenya, United Kingdom, USA, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Bangladesh, among others, to such places as Mulanje, Thyolo, Mzuzu, Karonga, Nkhatabay, Nkhotakota, Nsanje, among others.

Issues ranged from Macadamia nuts, tobacco, sugar, tea, coffee, cocoa, bananas, pine apples, fisheries, among others.

Let me say that I was happy to help you without conditions attached, and will continue doing so in future.

Please feel free to contact me.

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