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Development Project Management Consultants (DPM) is a registered Malawian consulting firm in the areas of Project Management, Public Policy, Public Relations and Information Systems. It was registered in 2006 by a consortium of young Malawian Professionals who saw a gap in the provision of customized, distinct and quality consulting services in the Malawi Market especially relating to solutions for the many funded development projects. It also provides policy analysis services to government and non-governmental organisations to respond to the everchanging world environment.

Development Project Management Consultants has a team of 10 consultants in the different fields who pool their wide experience in specific areas and in general to provide requisite solutions to clients. Two of its key members, Booker Matemvu and Zadziko Mankhambo, have over the years partnered to provide seamless solutions in Public Relations and development Commuincations, a demanding and emerging field in Malawi. Booker and Zadziko worked together at MASAF and were instrumental in the development of the first IEC strategy in a World Bank funded project in Malawi and have ever since provided assistance and support to most donor funded projects in Malawi including Community Based Rural Land Project (CBRLP), Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust, Infrastructure Services Project and National Water Project. They have also developed Communication strategies for Blantyre Water Board, World Vision and MACRA in Malawi.

Individually they have also provided inputs into the Communication Strategies of Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF), Northern Uganda Social Action Fund, Sierra Leone Reconstruction Programme and Jamaica Social Investment Fund. They have are key in the provision of public relations services for key government departments by helping in the organisation and management of high profile meetings and conferences through logistical management, speech writing, report backs and follow up on key resolutions.

Booker Matemvu is our Lead Consultant. He is a member of the International Public Relations Association (UK) since 2006 and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Development Economics obtained in 1997. He has worked in various challenging positions in both the private and public organizations since 1994 when he graduated from Chancellor College with a degree in Social Sciences.

Booker Matemvu has worked with the Malawi Social Action Fund since 2001 serving as Office Manager responsible for public relations and communications in the office of the Executive Director. He has also served as Head of Development Communications and Development Communications Specialist responsible the development and management of the MASAF Development Communications Strategy. He has a lot of practical experience in the development of communications strategies targeted at mobilization and empowerment of rural communities taking part in local development activities. Booker Matemvu is also a Trainer of Trainers in Participatory Rural Communication Methods and has supported and helped build capacities at community and Local Assembly levels.

Booker Matemvu has developed communication strategies for MASAF, Tanzania Social Action Fund, World Vision, Infrastructure Services Project (ISP), Roads Authority and the Improved Rural Livelihoods Project funded by ADB in the Ministry of Finance. He also provides technical advise in the programming and scripting of radio and TV development programs contracted to Zodiak Broadcasting and Kings Multimedia.

Zadziko Mankhambo is our Public Relations Specialist and Partner. He holds a Masters Degree from the University Of Leceister in the UK. He has vast experience in event organisation and management. He has been key in the skills development of our partner institutions having served as a Public Relations Manager for MACRA for the past 8 years.

He has partnered with Booker in the delivery and development of Public Relations and Communications Strategies that are practical and implementable thus adding value to organisations investing in the development of communication strategies.

Alfred Nyasulu is our Principal Consultant. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Surrey in UK. He has extensive experience in public service delivery having worked with the Malawi Government in various key positions including as District Commissioner and Deputy Director of Budget and Finance in the Ministry of Finance. He has over 15 years of public service experience and leads our team in Policy Analysis, Project designs and Budgeting.


Booker Matemvu

1994: Graduated from University of Malawi with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with Credit majoring in Computer Sciences and Economics. Booker Matemvu joined Lonrho Group of Companies as management trainee responsible for ICT. Booker underwent various management and supervisory trainings within the Lonrho group of companies and elsewhere including India and United Kingdom.

1995: Promoted to position of ICT Manager responsible for technology upgrades and communications. Booker was later offered a scholarship to study for a Master’s Degree in Economics under a collaborative Master’s programme between the University of Malawi and University of Nairobi.

1997: Graduated with a Master’s Degree in Development Economics. Booker later joined ICL (Malawi) as Director responsible for Customer Services and Technical Support where he was responsible for the installation and support of ATMs in Southern Africa.

1998: Booker Matemvu was appointed Programme Manager for IFMIS in the Ministry of Finance where he served until 2001.

2001: Booker joined MASAF as Office Manager responsible for PR and Communications in the office of the Executive Director handling all public relations activities and supporting the roll out of IEC activities. He helped in the building of networks with both the private and public media houses.

2004: Booker headed the Development Communications Unit until June, 2008 and was responsible for the development and management of development communication strategy and the planning and rolling out of IEC activities.

2008 todate: He is currently working as a Consultant in Project Management and leads our teams in Communications, Monitoring and Evaluation, Management Information Systems and Knowledge Management.


Zadziko Mankhambo is a member of the National Union of Journalists and hold a Bachelors degree in Communications and Biblical Studies, Postgraduate diploma in Jaournalism, Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies (pending) and MA Communications Management (pending). He has worked in various management positions in private and public organizations since 1997.

Zadziko Mankhambo has worked with the Malawi Social Action Fund since 1998 as Assistant Head of Development Communication. He has also served as Communications Manager for National Smallholder Farmers Association of Malawi (NASFAM), Public Relations Officer for Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA and Assistant Manager for Radio ABC.

Throughout the last thirteen years Zadziko has participated in the development of a communications strategy for Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF), Infrastructure Services Project (ISP) and Malawi Growth Development Strategy (MGDS) both under the Ministry of Development planning and corporation.

Zadziko plays an advisory role on communications issues to a number of institution in the Malawi.


1997: Graduated from African Bible College, Lilongwe, Malawi with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Biblical Studies majoring in Communication. The same year was among the selected few young professional Malawi Government trained in Television Journalism through UNESCO in preparation for the Establishment of Television Malawi.

1998: Joined Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF) as Communications Officer and after a year was promoted to Assistant Head of Development Communication responsible for Communications Management until 2002.

2002: Pursued a Postgraduate Diploma course in Management Studies at KingsBridge College in London, United Kingdom.

2003: Pursued a Postgraduate Diploma course in Journalism at the London School of Journalism. During this period he was working as a Communications Cordinator for Livingwaters International in Chelmsford, Essex until 2004.

2005: served as Communications Manager for National Smallholder Farmers Association of Malawi (NASFAM) until 2006. He was responsible for communications management and branding of the organization.

2006: Served as a Public Relations Officer for Malawi Revenue Authority responsible for development of Information Education and Communications Strategies and image promotion.

Zadziko has received various trainings in Communications Strategy development at AIMs College, Ghana and Pan African Development Institutions.


Charles Chikapa is a Broadcast Journalist with over twenty years experience. He holds a Diploma in Mass Communication from the Institute of Mass Communications in Nairobi, Kenya and a Post Diploma Certificate in Radio and Television Journalism from Brighton Polytechnic, Sussex, in The United Kingdom. He has had a brief experience working in the Print Media (Daily Times) as an intern, but most of his professional career has been with the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC).

He has worked in various positions in Radio, including that of Chief Reporter, Assistant Controller of News and Current Affairs, Regional Manager (Northern Region), Regional Manager (Central Region), Controller of Projects and Research and Training, Acting Director of News and Current Affairs, and currently Controller (Public Relations). He has been actively involved in designing and implementing Radio Programmes on MBC, as well as assisting in developing Communications and Media initiatives for a number of institutions including the National Assembly, the Society of Women and Aids in Malawi, the Malawi Electoral Commission and the Decentralization Secretariat. He also served for a time on the Tender Board of MASAF FOR Radio and Television Programmes. He was a member of the Technical Team responsible for Communications (Radio and Television) during the drafting of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy

He is a member of several media institutions including the Media Institute of Southern Africa, the Commonwealth Journalists Association, the World Association of Science Journalists, and is currently Chairperson of the Media Committee on the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy. He is currently involved in assisting the National Assembly and the Malawi Electoral Commission in developing communications.

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