Thursday, February 3, 2011

I have been robbed in Lilongwe

My Olympus Digital Voice Recorder is gone; My Flip Video Minolta is gone (there are only five in Malawi); my Sony Ericksson Cellphoner is gone; my cash is gone; my beloved brown travellers laggage is gone.

I am sad, today, because it was supposed to be my birthday. Born on 3rd February sometime back, I was supposed to add another layer of years over my being. And that, happily.

Instead, I have been robbed here in Lilongwe. That is why I am just outside the Lilongwe Bus Depot, in an internet cafe, knowing believing- not knowing what to do. Sad and feeling dejected.

Sure. Robbed.

Just like that.

Why do we behave like this in our country? Why?

The only thing I am remaining with is hope.

Had I know- if only I had known- I would have remained in Blantyre. To enjoy my birthday.

Instead, it is pain I have received.

It may be the end of pain; that a new beginning is here.

But I have lost my cellphone number, too; because my Airtel card was in the phone. I have lost my contacts, too; those I did not write down in my dialy.

We people need to have back up. In cases like these.

However, lety me thank- sincerely- the two Police Officers I found at Lilongwe Depot Sub-station.
Good people, I can assure you that they are good people.

Sometimes we talk ill of Police officers. I tell you they are doing a good job.

I sat there, on their bench. I they were helpful, so helpful. From the start.

Our Police officers are professionals, really.

They kept smiling, understanding, assuring.

That is why there is something remaining in mee.

The only thing remaining in me is hope.

And I don't think Lilongwe is bad.

For now, let me nurse my pain; and nurture my hope.

Something. Something. Is going to happen.

I will have my things back.

I tell you there are only five Flip Videos in Malawi. Where will the thieving guys use it.

In hell, of course; in hell.

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