Friday, July 15, 2011

Uniting for Peaceful Resistance against Bad Economic and Democratic Governance

Outline, Notes on Planned Demonstrations

Theme: Uniting for Peaceful Resistance against Bad Economic and Democratic Governance

“A Better Malawi is Possible! “

Task to be done:-
• Establishment of a core organising team, comprising of leaders from stakeholder organisations
• Letters to City Assemblies (North, Centre and South) for notification on the demonstration
• Write the police to provide security and guard against thugs, unruly elements seeking to disrupt the March;
• Mobilise urban and rural stakeholders to generate a massive response;
• Coordination ensuring that we all move together, handling internal communications, establishing chain of command;
• Drafting of themes for flyers/ posters/banners, use of red cards. Flyers should be distributed 2/3 days before the demo date. 20,000 flyers to be printed. 500-1000 whistles. Flyers will include issues in relation to economic hardships and bad governance. (key fuel ,forex shortage and undemocratic laws)
• Use of an open truck and one or two musicians on it during match or pre-match into key townships.
• Publicity – to organise & handle media coverage to achieve maximum effect through i.e. Zodiak, Joy, Mij, nation and daily times. We need use of public address a day before for publicity and on the actual day.
• Radio announcements to emphases DISCIPLINE during demonstrations.
• Creating publicity through social networking i.e. FB/twitter/SMs etc.
• Liaise with Vendors Association, Minibus Association and Taxis Association.
• Linking up with Nurses Ass. Congoma, MCTU, CCJP, Nkhoma Synod and Students.
• Linking up with Cosatu and other SADC regional NGOs for solidarity.
• Press conferences; 2 days before the march and immediately after the march
• Invite international media to cover
• Assign a communication officer from one participating organisation to coordinate recording of the events in all regions (through videocam and still camera’s)
• Assign someone to manage demo facebook page and update the demo page constantly, especially with pictures

Tentative date: - 20th July 2011/ Regional demonstration/down tools.

Message: 'If you can't join and you're a all CEO, MD, Police, Army, and Civil Servant' please release your house servant/garden boy etc on that day.

Aftermath: - Continued voice and maintaining the pressure on the Government until they address the issues and improve their performance/ use creative media to mobilise involvement e.g. facebook, blogs, twitter;

Colours to be used: - Red Colour (dress/wear anything RED (T/Shirts/Red Card/ placards/ banners, Red whistles)

Route to Use:-

Southern Region:- Blantyre District Office through Kamuzu Highway to Kamuzu Stadium to Civic Offices

Central region: from Community ground through old town/ Kasungu highway to City Centre

Northern Region: From Katoto Ground to City Assembly.

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