Friday, July 8, 2011

That Lulu-boy is a Pure Genious

Ever seen Musician Lulu play the guitar as if he were born holding one?
And sing with a voice sweet, you forget the heat that is life as you jam to he beat!
And now, that boy-wonder Lulu- forget about Mathumela Band- can play the Malawi National Anthem solo, if the guitar be not considered human.
He did it during the Chibuku-sponsored show in Ndirande last Saturday, where multi-talented Lucius Banda also made a debut appearance of the open grounds of Ndirande Chibuku Upper Tarven.
And people, most of whom see the good-natured Lulu on the screen- or get the never-mistaken golden voice of Lulu through their make-shift and, to some, expensive speakers- got the opportunity to see him on stage.
From the smiles on people's faces, Lulu really had the best in him out.
But the best is yet to come.
"I am just starting," Lulu told Zachimalawi.

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