Friday, July 8, 2011 Kamuzu Upper Stadium Today

Man of the moment, for bad or worse- and self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri- is at Kamuzu Upper Stadium this afternoon.
The meeting has now started.
Many people have now gathered, in sharp contrast to the situation some twenty minutes ago.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri: Malawi will witness one year of hunger before 2015

The Enlightened Christian Ministry's founder will be taking to the stage one-and-a-half hours from now.
The ground is set for the Prophet, as the faithful prepare their minds and hearts to receive the words of salvation.
Bushiri told Zachimalawi today (Friday) morning he was geared to "sharing the word of God".
"Time is ripe, and is now, to share the gospel. So many things are about to happen. In fact, I foresee one year of hunger coming before 2015. We must pray harder that, perhaps, God will save us from peril," said Prophet Bushiri

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