Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Malawi National Women's Team Cosana Performance Unsurprising

Don't tell me about the Malawi National Women's Football Team's humiliating 8-2 loss to this year's Confederation of Southern African Football Associations (Cosafa) hosts, Zimbabwe.

Happening, as it did, in the presence of Fifa President, Sepp Blatter and Zimbabwean President, the very Comrade Robert Mugabe, what else can the nation say?

Apart from feeling the dizzying effect of that loss, what else can we say?

That where were DD Sunshine players? Players who have become 'torturers' of Blantyre-11 and other women's football teams turning regulation-time victims with their 'fellow' victims?

That where is our women's soccer heading to?

No. It is no time for questions.

After all, Technical Director Jack Chamangwana fore-saw it.

That is why he told Malawians well in advance to supress their hopes- those who had any.

"We know that we are going to Zimbabwe to learn. Expect no miracles," Chamangwana told Zachimalawi six hours before departure for Zimbabwe.

The hopes were thus down.

But it was depressing to hear Malawi Broadcasting Corporation's Mphatso Mwamadi file a report back home, a report that informed us that the Malawi National Women's Netball Team was attacked by thugs just some ten-minutes' drive into Zimbabwe.

This happened after passing the Nyamapanda Border Post.

But this, too, is no excuse.

The team went to the 2011 Zimbabwe Cosafa Tournament to lose!

Linda Kasenda, who scored for Malawi in the 19th and 23rd minute, did well to tell the world (by scoring) that netting two goals is the measure of our hopelessness.

If, in Malawi, hopelessness be rated two goals, what else can we achieve if we become abit hopeful?

Four goals, perhaps. Or six.

And that is terror to other teams, that is demolition.

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