Friday, July 22, 2011

Post-July20 Malawi in Pictures

Zachimalawi weeps for Malawi.The two individuals with visible blood are Malawian journalists. They are Amos Gumulira and Isaac Kambwiri. They committed a 'sin' by doing their job. And, so, the Police saw no other option but 'make' them pay with their own blood. Isaac Kambwiri and Amos Gumulira did not organise the protests: they were there, at the scene of the events, merely to relay the message 'home'. This home, this invisible home, represents Malawians. Like all world citizens, Malawians deserve to know.
What has gone wrong with our nation? For our leaders to stop listening? Add this to Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority's directive that all private radio stations stop airing events live, and the temporary closure by Police agents of private radio stations, and we have a problem in our hands. This problem has a name, it is called impunity.

For a while on Thursday, Capital 102.5 FM, MIJ 90.3 FM, among other radio stations went off air- interrupted by the big hand of government agents.

Malawi is in a loud crisis!

It all brings us back to Zachimalawi's theme this month of July: When Shall All This Come to an End?

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