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Protecting labour rights of journalists
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JUMA media statement

The Journalists Union of Malawi (JUMA) was formed in December 2007 with the core objective ofpromoting and protecting labour rights of journalists.
During the first meeting of the newly electedGoverning Council held at Hippo View Lodge in Liwonde on June 09, 2011, it was resolved that:
I.BEST PRACTICES AWARD (BPA)Effective next year (2012) JUMA will introduce the Best Practices Award to two media institutions (electronic and print).
The awards will recognize institutions which offer goodworking conditions for journalists and live up to such. The award is to encourage employers to do more to promote the welfare of journalists.
The award will be presented on 3rdMay each yearduring the commemoration of the World Press Freedom Day (WPFD).
II.WELFARE FUNDJUMA will also from next January set-up a Welfare Fund to financially support its fully-paid upmembers for three months in the event of a professional or labour dispute against an employerthat may lead to suspension or dismissal. The intention is to alleviate the suffering a JUMA member may be subjected to as a direct result to the suspension or dismissal.
III.LEGAL FUNDJUMA is working on mechanisms to create a Legal Fund to benefit members in the event of alabour or professional dispute against an employer.
The JUMA Governing Council and the leaders of the Regional Chapters of the Union have since formed atask force which will develop Terms of Reference (TORs) for the new services being introduced.
The Union will also work with local, regional and international institutions that share similar interests in itspursuit to achieve better working conditions for journalists in the country.

For further information contact the undersigned: e-mail: , cell: 0999 4000 61. Maganizo Fly MazezeJUMA President12thJuly, 2011

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