Monday, July 25, 2011

A Look at Big Brother Amplified: The Great Moments, the Gaffes

...Voting has not yet started
...To start this evening
...remember, the title for this week's project is 'Lomwe Throughout'!

In deed, it is 'Lomwe Throughout'!

But Karen, too, has rocked.

She sent me into guggles on Sunday, after Millicent's eviction, when she said, pointing at one of the Big Brother Amplified bouncers: "The bouncer, I told you- go!"

Karen also made me smile when she stripped naked in the Jacuzzi. Of course, you and I saw nothing of her 'meat', but that was great. Crazy too.

To say the truth, Karen is better than those two flukes: Kelvin and Uti.

Kelvin and Uti's victory is a typical example of cheating at the highest level, and that remains the shameful moments in Big Brother Africa history.
As I said last time, Kelvin and Uti's victory confirmed (at that time) that Nigerians were the official thieves of the world!

Not with Karen. she has been awesome. She has entertained Africa. She has enchanted us. And she will win come Sunday, not because Nigerians have shown during the past two Big Brother Africa seasons that they remain the world's 'Official Thieves', but because Karen deserves it.

Well, after Karen, there is only Lomwe to beat. Lomwe has been cool, and I am happy that my votes have not dissolved in the waters of eviction: they have kept Lomwe in the House and, possibly, on the waiting list for the US$200,000 grand prize.

Go, boy Lomwe go!

In conclusion, let me say that IK, too, seems to be gaining confidence every season. He is presenting it well, actually, save for the couple of times his two lips stuck onto each other and he stumbled and stammered.

IK's only shame came on Sunday, during the Eviction Show, when, upon asking Nigerian co-representative Vina to tell her fellow Housemates whom she swarped for whom, he advised her not to panick since "everyone" knew it was a tough decision she made.

That is unnecessary interference into the game. Where did IK get the powers to speak on our behalf like that. His tune was that of bias, and Endemol Africa will do well to advise against such irresponsible utterances.

After all, we all know that every 'Swap and Replace session' is tough, and fuels confusion and mistrust in the house. That is part of the excitement, and makes the game likeable competitive.

It is sweet, too.

And IK went against this grain of fun to console Vina, and say that everyone knew she had to make a tough decision. That was clueless, IK, giving the game away unnecessarily.

Perhaps, as a Nigeria, he knows something we do not.

Then, there is the time Big Brother (himself) made that gaffe- telling co-Malawian representative Felicia Ngoma(Now at home, but planning to travel to South Africa for the final show this week) that "Felicia, you have 60 seconds to live the house" instead of saying Felicia had ten minutes to pack her bags.

That gaffe was a form of modern nonsense for sure!

By the way, what is wrong with Big Brother Amplified? Adverts are jamming.

Sometimes, IK cannot communicate with the housemates (technical problems).

Sometimes, like yesterday, IK speaks on behalf of the Head of House (especially when she is Nigerian). I am talking about such sentiments as "Vina, don't be hard on yourself, everyone knows it was a tough decision".

Which everyone?

Do not spoil our show.

Otherwise, it has a been a 12-week exciting journey. I have always loved Big Brother Africa, starting from the first season of Zein Dudha and friends.

I love Big Brother Africa.

And will continue to love (not like) the show.

Every year, when the minute comes to take the show off air, I gaze at the TV screen waiting for the darkness that is to come, and then watch in disdain as one more season dissolves into the blue (when you lose the picture on the screen) colour on the TV screen.

I must admit that a tear, or two, dribbles from the eye sockets. It is always painful for me, as a viewer, but wondeful to the soul that carts the Grand Prize home.

Form then, it is another wait- long, long wait- for the other Africans that will come, to turn our lips into folders of smiles that always come.

Wishing Boy Lomwe well.

To Miss Big Brother Amplified (because it will never coe again, 'Amplified')

Long Live Big Brother Africa.

How I miss K.B.

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