Friday, July 8, 2011

Bingu Cannot Resign, Enjoying Himself

As pressure piles on President Bingu wa Mutharika, and calls grow ever more loud for him to resign, the truth remains that the 'guy' cannot resign- he simply does not have the word 'resignation' in his vocabulary.
Need examples? His July 6, 2011 Indepencence-Day Speech in Malawi's Northern Region City of Mzuzu, where he claimed that contrary to criticism that his second term is the 'worst', things are all rosy in Malawi.
"My second term is the best ever," he said.
This he said knowing fully well that the country has never been in so painful a fuel crisis, so deep a forex shortage hole, and so grav-deep low citizens molare this passes for Malawi's saddest moment.
The wrangle between University of Malawi lecturers and the University Council continues, with no solution in sight.
The Democratic Progressive Party remains stuck in the attitudes of autocracy as, on the other hand, Mutharika attempts to influence the judiciary to toe the Executive's line of thinking.
That is why Mutharika lamented the proliferation of court injunctions during the swearing in of two High Court Judges and Justice Dr. Jane Ansah less than a week ago.
This is, at best, sad and regretable.
Surely, Bingu is enjoying himself and finds no sense in resigning from enjoyment!

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