Friday, July 15, 2011

Messages for Malawi's July 20 Mass Demonstrations

1. A better Malawi Is Possible.

2. We need our Freedom Back! Enough is Enough!

3. Malawi is a Constitutional Democracy!

4. Stop bulldozing Undemocratic Bills!

5. We don’t need an Injunction LAW!

6. Injunctions law is unjust law

7. Academic Freedom is a Constitutional Freedom!

8. We don’t need Dictatorship Malawi!

9. Malawi is not a monarchy! NO POWER TO A BROTHER!!!!

10. Nepotism and Corruption are punishable crimes!

11. Where is our FUEL and FOREX

12. Lack of fuel and Forex equals Failure to govern

13. Boma ili Lakukanikani !

14. Running a Government is Serious Business

15. STOP that Corruption please!

16. We are tired of lip service!

17. We want Change now! 2014 is far!

18. Stop Paying the First Lady our Taxes!

19. First Lady Salary at the expense of medicines?

20. First lady salary at the expense of primary school teacher’s salaries?

21. First lady salary at the expense of nurses’ salaries?

22. Heavy Taxes are making us more poorer

23. Is anybody in Charge?

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