Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Typically, many people perceive Valentine's Day gifts as overly sentimental and syrupy sweet. When you're buying for a man, however, sappy and sentimental may not always be the best choice. Luckily, there are plenty of options that don't involve flowers and chocolates in heart-shaped containers.

Whether he collects baseball cards or Star Wars action figures, buying a piece of memorabilia to add to his collection will make him light up like a little boy. Do a little research and see which figure, card or other collectible he's been eyeing. Then, scope out the collectible shops and auction sites to find just the right collectible at the right price.
Camping Equipment
Present him with a set of new camping equipment ranging from canteens to tents, if your budget permits. If you're unsure of what items he already owns, consider buying a gift card to an outdoor sports store so he can choose his own items.
Video Games or Accessories
For the gamer in your life, buy the latest hot video game title. Nothing says romance like acceptance of his geekiest hobbies.
His Favorite Films on DVD or Blu-Ray
Whether he loves action films, dramatic independents or gory horror films, give him a few of his favorite films on DVD or Blu-Ray. A gift of his favorite films tells him that you not only love him, but you listen to him when he's droning on about vintage versus present-day Sam Raimi films.
Home-Cooked Meal
You've no doubt heard the saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Test the theory by preparing a home-cooked meal for Valentine's Day. Create a feast featuring his favorite entrees and desserts. Add candlelight and wine to make the meal more romantic.
Tickets to a Sporting Event
Not all men love sports, but those who do will appreciate tickets to a favorite team's game. While you may not be able to spring for the best seats in the house, he will appreciate the gesture and enjoy sharing his love for sports with you.
An Adventure
Enlist the help of a service that provides customers with "adventure experiences." From hot air balloon rides to Nascar racing experiences, purchase a gift certificate that will allow him to take part in a boyhood fantasy.
You've probably seen him admire the latest GPS model or iPod as he roams the aisles of his favorite electronics store. Surprise him with a gift that will really knock his socks off by giving him the item he's been longing for.
Watch or Timepiece
A watch or timepiece, such as a pocket watch, is an elegant gift that will become a sentimental keepsake in the years to come.
Cuff Links
For a partner who regularly wears button-up dress shirts to work or functions, select a pair of cuff links that will match his style. You can even purchase secret message cuff links that allow you to store a message inside a tiny barrel placed on top of the link.


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