Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kinnah joins Egyptian fans' cerebrations in Johannesburg

Flames Coach, Kinnah Phiri,on Tuesday night joined the cerebration party of Egyptian soccer fans in the South African city of Johannesburg.
The Egyptian fans fans were ecstatic about their national soccer team's win over Ghana the previous Sunday.
The Pharaohs of Egypt have won the Africa Cup of Nations for a third consecutive time, putting a tall order on teams wishing to emulate their feat or beat their record.
Some Egyptian fans hoisted Kinnah up, saying Malawi and Egypt were now one.
Kinnah confirmed the development in an e-mail response, saying he is as happy as the Egyptian fans.
Kinnah defended his move, saying the Egyptians did all they could to help Malawi prepare well for Afcon.
"They (the Egyptians) are a good team. Look at Ghana, for instance. Their fans ridiculed us when their FA proposed a friendly with us, a game that produced a goal-less draw as opposed to the massacre they expected. But Egypt is different; the people are humble," said Kinnah.

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