Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Pick the Best Valentine's Gift for Her

Valentine's Day is such a special time for couples. But for most men it can be a time of major stress. Picking out the perfect Valentine's gift for your wife or girlfriend doesn't have to be that hard. Follow these suggestions to make sure you get it right this year and don't end up sleeping on the couch!

An obvious choice is jewelry. It's very hard to screw up jewelry. But a lot of men won't even consider jewelry for their love if they're on a tight budget. That is a major mistake. While expensive jewelry is great, there don't have to be diamonds in that little box to make her happy. There's just something about getting a piece of beautiful jewelry from a man that makes us melt. Maybe it's because it's a symbol of your love that we can wear on our bodies to remind us of you. Or maybe it's from a childhood of watching princess love stories. Whatever the reason, you may not understand it, but it is much deeper for us than how expensive the jewelry is. If you're strapped for cash opt for semi-precious stones set in sterling silver or 10k gold. You don't have to break the bank to get her something beautiful.

Step 2
Flowers can be a boring and predictable Valentine's Day gift, or they can be so heartfelt they bring tears to her eyes. Sure roses are great, but how many times has that been done? If you really want to wow your girlfriend don't buy her roses. Buy her favorite flower in her favorite color. This is much more personal than red roses and shows her how well you know her. If you don't know her favorite flower, don't freak out. Ask one of her close friends or family members. And if they don't know, see if they'd be willing to ask her casually and then tell you what she says.

Step 3
Perfume is a very tricky gift. Let's face it men, most of you don't know a thing about women's fragrances. If you show up on Valentine's Day with a bottle of Liz Taylor's White Diamonds for your 22 year old girlfriend, you're likely to be asked to leave. So to play it safe, always check with her friends before buying a perfume. If you still don't know what she wears but want to get her a scent, err on the side of caution and buy a very popular scent that is age appropriate and preferably with a light fragrance. Ask the lady at the makeup counter for more help if you're having trouble.

Step 4
If you're feeling really daring you could go with an extremely romantic gift that is emotional and meaningful. Do something very personal that requires you to go out of your way to obtain. Get her a book signed by her all time favorite author or poet. Write a love song about her and surprise her by performing it at a local coffee shop on amateur night. Name a star after her (Yes, this is possible. Look it up online and you'll find many companies specializing in star naming.). Personalize a teddy bear just for her from a place like The Build-A-Bear Workshop. Dress the bear like you and have your name printed on his shirt. Use your imagination and do something original! These kinds of gifts are usually the ones women remember the most.

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