Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Write a Love Letter for Valentine's Day

There is no need to spend a wallet full of money for Valentine's Day. The best gifts are heartfelt, which is why a love letter is a perfect item to give your loved one for Valentine's Day. Surprise her this year with your words.

Purchase some fancy stationery. Even if you decide to type your love letter, declarations of love are best read from impressive looking stationery. Choose stately designs or designs based on nature. Avoid designs involving cartoon characters, which may give your partner the impression that you are not serious.

Step 2Get in the mood. You should be alone when you write your letter. Use soft music, dim lights or a picture to inspire your love letter.

Step 3Think about why you care for your loved one. Thinking back to fun times you've had will help you gather together your words. If you need to, make an outline on a separate piece of paper before you start writing so your thoughts are organized.

Step 4Compose. Your letter should include reasons why you love her, how she has changed your life and why you're glad to have met her. Typically, love letters have a serious tone, but a lighthearted tone might be a better fit if the two of you are a fun-loving couple.

Step 5Make it your own. Write your letter in your words. Some people feel that quoting song lyrics is a good way to get your loved one to understand how you feel, but your own words will be even more powerful, even if they are more simple than a musician's are.

Step 6Close your letter with a romantic line or two written just for her. Don't forget to sign the letter with "Love." Make sure to write your signature, even if you plan to type your letter.

Step 7Put your letter in a fancy envelope. You can find basic, yet pretty, ones at a stationery store.

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