Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day Ideas

Origin of Valentines Day
On February 14th, suitors ply the object of their affections with chocolate, flowers and verses of poetry. Some lucky ladies receive jewelry, while some lucky men are Read More
How to Become Romantic
Becoming romantic takes a bit of effort in the beginning, but making a romantic play list on an iPod, surprising a significant other with a simple gift or preparing for a Read More
What Makes Something Romantic?
What makes something romantic versus platonic is the look in the eyes and the body language used to communicate a question or statement. Learn about the difference between Read More
Romantic Dinner Menu Ideas
A romantic meal with your significant other doesn't require a special occasion. Whether it's an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day or just a way to say I love you, a Read More
How to Pamper your Husband on Valentines Day
So, you've taken the plunge and promised to love each other forever. This Valentine's Day express how much you love your husband and create a comforting ambiance that will Read More
Do Girls Want Flowers or Chocolate for Valentines?
When choosing a Valentine's Day gift for a young lady, think about her style and substance. Do chocolates or flowers make sense as a gift? Sometimes stereotypical gifts can Read More
How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved
Making a girlfriend feel loved is all about sincerity and caring enough to do things that she wants to do. Learn how to make your girlfriend feel loved by taking her to a Read More
Valentines Day Gift Ideas
Valentine's Day is the biggest sales holiday for florists, but not everyone wants to give or receive the traditional bouquet of long-stem red roses. In addition, quality Read More
Valentine's Day Gift Baskets
Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to give a unique handmade gift basket. Learn how to put one together in this free video. Read More
Unique Valentine Ideas
Why buy store-bought Valentine's Day cards when you can make your own? Using just some basic supplies, a variety of pretty paper and some creativity, you can make your own Read More
How to Keep Romance Alive
Keeping romance alive is possible through small gestures throughout the day, such as rubbing backs, complimenting each other, touching each other and remaining Read More
How to Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Long-Distance Lover
Long-distance lovers should celebrate Valentine's Day face-to-face, otherwise, the two should spend some hours on the phone getting closer. Make a long-distance Valentine's Read More
Frugal Valentine Gift Ideas for Kids
Children often look forward to Valentine's Day, when they get to share cute cards with their friends, eat candy, and talk about happiness and love. However, Valentine's Day Read More
How to Make Cupid Poop Gag Valentines
In recent surveys, it has been demonstrated that even more people hate Valentine's Day than love it. This phenomenon has been attributed to many different things from the Read More
Anti-Valentine's Day Party: Singles Awareness
Anti-Valentine's Day or Singles Awareness Day parties are becoming more popular and more fun every year.

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