Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Accessorize a Love Letter

Love letters employ a personal manner. Although the words may be personal, sometimes you really need to accessorize a love letter to further personalize it. Make the most of the message by accessorizing a love letter to your loved one.

When you are actually writing a love letter, make sure you don't fill up all the empty space because you want to save some room for accessorizing your love letter. Start in one spot of the empty space that is left and draw little hearts with a regular pen or a smelly pen. Smelly pens are a delightful surprise because the person reading it will definitely not be expecting scent from a letter.

Step 2After you have drawn hearts in the empty spaces, you can seal the letter with a kiss. This is done by applying lipstick to your lips and slightly pressing them down where ever you may feel is appropriate. You can either kiss the envelope's seal area, or you can kiss the end of the love letter, whichever way you feel creates a nice touch to the love letter.

Step 3After you are done kissing the love letter, you can even add a little bit of glitter to it. This will add lots of dazzle and color to the letter.

Step 4Another great way to accessorize a letter is to add cute stickers over the envelope. Be careful not to go overboard because it may overwhelm the message of the love letter. Keep it simple and delightful.

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