Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Malawians of sound mind should not buy Flip Videos; they are useless in Malawi

Flip videos have proved to be useless in Malawi, with the only six people who have the latest divices crying foul over break downs and poor after services from the Flip Video Online Back Up Services team.
Malawi has, so far, six Flip Videos- including one Flip Video Minolta.
But all these are useless now, because they have broken down.
The owners of the Flip Videos, manufactured in China, have bemoaned poor after services, saying after they contacted the Flip Video Online team for assistance, they did not get satisfactory answers.
"The guys had the audecity to tell me that my Flip Video was just working by 'accident'(meaning, luck) because my computer is not compatible with the Flip Video programme. They are cheats; I have used the same Flip Video for two years and they were working. Do these guys mean Flip Videos misbehave, and work where they are not supposed to work. That means their product has gotten out of their hands, and shows how incompetent they are," said Michael Chanza, who has a Flip Video Minolta.
Zachimalawi has since contacted the Flip Video team for a response. Thee guys only promised to "come back in 15 hours" (three days ago). They are yet to.
So, Malawians, don't waste your time and resources on Flip Videos. They are useless until proven otherwise.

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