Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Proud to be a Malawian, proud of Robray Matress Limited

As the Office of the Director of Public Procurement is busy in the papers, advising government departments to buy Malawian, I wish to congratulate the Department and urge Malawians to buy Malawian.
Talking about buying Malawian, the compony Robray Matress Limited comes to mind. It cannot be argued that the company manufactures the best quality matresses ever in Malawi, and that no Zambian, Zimbabwean and even South African company can compete with it locally.
The guys are just brilliant, and represent the true Malawian spirit.
That is the reason, on a personal note, I did not hesitate to buy two, eight inch matresses for home use.
I just enjoyed the Robray Matress experience.
Just a request to the Robray guys: please, reduce your prices for Malawians to enjoy your products. As I went home yesterday, people kept shouting: vimatilesi vozungu ivi; nyofwi-nyofwi.
That is a sad statement; it means many people cannot afford the matresses.
For the two I bought, I coughed K15,000 for each (amounting to K30,000). nO, Robray guys: think of my Agogo in Bolero, Rumphi. She simply cannot manage these prices.
As for the quality of your products; you make me proud.

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