Sunday, January 10, 2010

Police officers, journalists trying to separate us- arrested gay Tiwonge Chimbalanga says

Steven Monjeza’s groom, Tiwonge Chimbalanga, has expressed concern over what he terms journalists and police officers efforts to separate them, describing the two forces as ‘confusionists and separatists’.
Chimbalanga says ever since their issue came into the media limelight, most journalists- notably those from state-run Malawi Television (TVM)- have been pressing him and Monjeza with questions that expose their (journalists) prejudice.
“We are being judged in the media even before the Blantyre Magistrates Court starts hearing from us. Let people give us a chance,” said Chimbalanga.
TVM’s Mwansambo, for example, quizzed Chimbalanga and Monjeza about their sexuality the way a police interrogator would, raising questions over media impartiality.
Mwansambo, at one time, even told Chimbalanga to stop wearing his female clothes, since he may have realized how wrong it is to be gay.
However, Chimbalanga refused, saying it was the way he grew up.
That, apparently, angered Mwansambo who told Chimbalanga: “That means you are not changed your bad ways, eeh?”

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