Sunday, January 10, 2010

Calista Chimombo denies dating President Bingu wa Mutharika

Former Tourism Minister, Calista Chapola-Chimombo, has refuted claims she is dating Malawi's president, Bingu wa Mutharika.
Chimombo has since mid-December 2009 been seen sitting next to Mutharika, a position reserved for high government officials and trusted pals.
Instead, Chimombo says it is the president who chooses who to sit next to him, and as such it was "just a previlege" that Mutharika has allowed her to sit next to her.
Chimombo also says she sits next to the president in her capacity as ruling Democratic Progressive Party's Director of Political Affairs.
"There is nothing more between us; as least as far as I am concerned," Chimombo told Zachimalawi.

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