Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A lie about Malawian gays

Chancy Namadzunda, AfricaNews reporter in Blantyre, Malawi
A 15, 000 euros boost is to be made to the underground Malawi Gay Movement (MGM) from their Netherlands counterparts (name withheld) to help heighten the activities of the movement in the southen African country. MGM said the money would help create a reliable network among its members.
black gays
“We want to have a powerful movement which will enable us to get settled in the country. We want to be recognised just as any other social groups. Currently, it is threatening in the country to come out and say you are gay just like what happens to our friends.

“We are also going to use the same money to help this couple in legal fees. They are our friends and groundbreakers, they have done us proud and we cannot leave them,” an official who does not want to be named said.

The source said they are planning to launch a massive campaign to lobby the parliament to legalise gay marriages as human rights.

Recently, the Minister of Information Leckford Thotho warned that any attempt by anyone within or outside the country to bring gay relationships in the country will be punished.

“This is a cultured and religious country, so nobody should try to bring in this issue,” he said.


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