Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Comments on stories about gays in Malawi

As humans, we have strayed so far from our creator. We have decided that we will determine what is right and what is wrong. Seemingly, the laws of nature now have to take a back seat to the laws that men set. Homosexuality is an illness, it should not be embraced and forced upon people. The rich nations should not be trying to use money to spread their disease throughout the worlld. That is exactly what it is, it is a disease, a chemical imbalance. It should be treated as an illness. If a man goes out and kills someone, he is arrested and sent to prison. He is not considered a productive part of society. It is wrong for us to go against what the creator has put in place. Throughout nature, creatures are paired male to female. God gave us the gift of free will, he also laid out the law and put consequences in place. If you want to be gay, you will have to deal with the Almighty on that issue one day. But please do not try to corrupt

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