Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No clothes change for suspected gay 'bride' Monjeza in eight days

Police officers at Blantyre Police, where two Malawian gays arrested on December 26, 2009 for staging a public gays' engagement for the first time in Malawi's history are being held, have not allowed the 'bride' Tiwonge Chimbalanga the right to change his clothes.
This has meant Chimbalanga's clothes have begun to smell badly, and this reporter can testify because he sat next to the two suspects, Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza, at the Blantyre Magistrates court when the court denied them bail yesterday.
In addition, the two are apparently loosing weight, and are being tormented by members of the general public every time they appear at the court.
Women, especially, have taken it personally and have been heard to shout, even in court, at Monjeza and Chimbalanga for falling for each other when there were a lot of Malawian women walking single on the streets.
Chimbalanga said he is not happy that he has not been allowed to change his own clothes, saying that showed that Malawi did not respect human rights.

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