Thursday, June 30, 2011

Malawian Music Awards A Fluke

Just like that.
Starting with organisation; poor.
It seems like the organisers just wanted to use the event as a money spinner, and failed at that.
Next time you are organising the awards, make it a bridal shower activity in one of your many friends' vegetable gardens!
Don't use the name Malawi in vain; it is such an honourable name.
If anything, the Malawian Music Awards have just shown that there are many useless things people can do in Malawi, one of which is to attend such a poorly organised event.
Imagine, the organisers got K33,000 for their vanity-attempt!
Actually, one of the people manning the door was heard saying: "Apa ndiye tagwa nayotu; tidyapo apa?"

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