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Call for Proposals: Internews innovation grant opportunity for small media

By fundsforngos, on June 9th, 2011
Internews Africa Region is proposing to fund the pilot projects proposed by
local NGOs, software companies and/or mobile phone operators, local media
outlets and individuals from various regions. Creative, innovative ideas
that involve the sharing and exchange of information will be considered for
funding. The incorporation of new media into project activities focused on
the use of text messaging, social media, mobile phones, webcasting,
podcasting, IVR systems, mBanking, mapping, crowdsourcing or other such
methodologies is highly encouraged. A special effort will be made to ensure
that the grant awarded is complementary to the overall Internews Africa

The pilot projects should be no more than 4 months in duration, with the
possibility of extending for an additional month to carry out a research on
the innovation piloted. Examples of topics for the pilot project may include
proposing technical solutions to issues around (but not limited to): health,
Diaspora remittances, agriculture, mining and extractive industry, refugees
and IDPs, and community media sustainability.


The fund is available for local NGOs, software companies and/or mobile phone
operators, local media outlets and individuals from various regions. The
pilot must be carried out in Sub-Saharan Africa. Organizations/Individuals
may submit more than one proposal for various projects, but each
organization is only eligible for one grant. These small innovation grants
will range from $5,000 to $30,000. Internews reserves the right to fund
parts or all of the activities of a particular proposal, to fund one or more
than one proposal, or to fund no proposals under this call.

Principle Selection Criteria:

- Must be an innovative project, in terms of technology used, or in terms of
approach or methodology.

- Clearly defined project objectives that relate to the goals of Internews

- Realistic and measurable project outputs and results.

- Success or failure of the innovation/technology is not a determining
factor for selection. Proposals should indicate how the lessons learned will
further refine activities, research etc.

- Proficiency of project staff and involved experts.

- Accuracy and effectiveness of project costs.

- Emphasis on media sustainability, diaspora, mBanking, crowdsourcing,
extractive industries are favored; although other topics will be considered

- Emphasis on local media favored.

- Registered organizations, media outlets, media related associations,
software companies/developers or local NGOs, web developer groups and
experts with proven track records or individuals are encouraged to apply.

- Projects aimed at partisan political purposes will not be supported

- Costs incurred before the official grant period begins will not be
reimbursed (including costs incurred for proposal preparation).

Last date for submitting the proposal is June 30, 2011

For more information and details, please visit this link.

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